Hygge offers Membership, Package, and Pay As You Go Options

Having worked with insurance for the past six years, I know firsthand the majority of chiropractic insurance benefits kick in after your deductible has been met. With insurance deductibles on the rise into the thousands, most patients are paying more than our cash rates for care. Once an initial exam is completed, Hygge Chiropractic offers multiple payment options to allow you to choose the care that works for you and your family:

Enroll in an auto-pay wellness membership (1 visit/month)

Purchase a package (10 visits)

Pay-as-you-go (pay each visit)

Chiropractic appointments are “all-inclusive”, meaning there is not a separate fee for each service.

During each chiropractic appointment, one or all* of the following therapies may be applied to assist in bringing you to optimal functioning:

  • Chiropractic adjustment

  • Active Release Technique® (A.R.T.)

  • Graston technique

  • Cold laser therapy

  • McKenzie technique

  • Webster technique

*Not all therapies are safe or necessary for each patient therefore discretion will be utilized by the doctor


Wellness Membership 1 visit/month commitment

$45/mo auto-pay giving you a $15 savings/visit*

Wellness care is helping you feel as best as you can and function as optimally as possible throughout the year, not just when issues arrive. It even helps stop issues before they start. It is critical to help patients live longer, healthier, higher quality lives and ultimately aims to keep your long-term health care costs down.

*initial $50 exam fee applies if you are a new patient

*monthly auto-pay for one visit ($45) required

*additional visits, if needed, are also only $45/visit when enrolled in the wellness membership with payment due at time of service

*can be cancelled anytime with 30 day notice


Single Service Rates (1).png

We would love to care for your whole family. To make this reasonable, you can add an adult family member or child onto your wellness membership with ease.

Adult add-on $20/mo for 1 visit

Child (under the age of 18) add-on $10/mo for 1 visit

*all patients must have an exam before being added on to a wellness membership

*additional visits, if needed are $45/visit for adults and $10/visit for children



Package of 10 visits

$45/visit = $450 total up front investment; $15 savings/visit = $150 savings total

*initial $50 exam fee applies if you are a new patient

*one time payment upfront

*no expiration

*no refunds

Single Care and Add On Rates.png

We understand that not everyone is able or ready to commit to wellness care. The pay-as-you-go option allows you to receive care on your own terms without the membership or package discounts.

Adult exam $50

Adult single visit $60

Child exam $20

Child single visit $15

Cold laser stand-alone session $10

Acupuncture session $35